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My One Way Ticket To Hell

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Name: Kirsten Chung aka, KayChung, Kay
Birthday: November 20
Occupation: Student
Location: Resides in Ontario, Canada
Fandom: JE, 2PM and maybe a little of the kpop scene.
Favourite JE Boys: Masuda Takahisa (NEWS, Tegomass), Nishikido Ryo (NEWS & K8), Miyake Ken (V6, Coming Century), Tsukada Ryoichi (ABC-Z, Butoukan), Akanishi Jin (KAT-TUN) and Yasuda Shota (K8). (in that order, or at least close to it)
Other Boys I Like (not in JE): Hwang Chansung (2PM), Jang Wooyoung (2PM), Yanagishita Tomo (D-BOYS), Kitamura Eiki (most well known as Kira Izuru from Bleach Myu), Date Kouji (most well known as Ohtori Choutarou from Tenimyu)
OTPs: Chansungx2PM, 2PM!OT7, NEWS!OT6, V6!OT6, MiyakexOkada, MassuxRyo, MassuxANYONE (because Massu needs moar love. D:), STRIP PAIR → YagyuuxKaidoh (made up by my friend and me [if you don't understand watch Higamyu!]), Silver Pair & DatexKenken (There's probably more and I'm forgetting. xD)

So yeah, I've made this LJ so I could spread media, but I think it's now a bit of both media and my personal life. If anyone who has visited my journal doesn't like my personal posts, and rather only came to me for my uploads, please tell me and I'll friend's lock this journal, and leave the uploads open.

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