Tsubasa - Betray


My new flail in life: One Direction
Yup, I actually found some western music boys to oggle over. :D

And here's a link because YT embedding hates me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvfejaHz-o0&feature=channel_video_title

If I'm lucky and I can get tickets, I'm gonna see them live in February! :D

And this too because it's just so awesome. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxIr3dbOJxU

A scary note: 2 more weeks till finals! D: But that also means that it's almost Christmas! Yay! I already have all my Christmas presents plannd out for friends. :D

A happier note: hopefully kayandness release something soon. :D Christmas is coming so that means I have more spare time on my hands to translate. :D

Tsubasa - Betray


So yeah, I totally broke my promise of posting more. D: I am quite active on Facebook and stuff and now instead of refreshing my friends page I'm on Twitter or AKP. :P (So add me if you want. seekayrun on Twitter.)

Anyways, if someone could let me know where I can find download links to recent NEWS and V6 appearances/performances let me know! (apart from their LJ comms cause I'm already on those, I just don't like filtering through all the translations and news articles.)

And on another note, my first semester in university is almost finished! 2 more weeks till finals then 3 weeks of Christmas vacation! WHOOT! So excited. :D

Oh! And recently, I became a MOD on a Khunyoung community. (If you don't know what that is it's ok, you probably don't want to know anyways.) It's an "a day" comm so basically I'm uploading lots of Khunyoung goodness so join if you wanna. :P And if you have any suggestions let me know too.

And just to finish off this post, another hot Chansung picture.


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Tsubasa - Betray


from an entirely too long hiatus.

Sorry for disappearing on you guys again. D: This past week has been a bit crazy since I'm now a freshman at uni~! Whoot! Living on campus and all the regular uni stuff. xD I haven't been around much lately, but I really want to get back onto LJ, so I thought a new introduction would be a nice start.

(So I just stole this off my profile. xD Most of this hasn't changed. :P)

Name: Kirsten Chung aka, KayChung, Kay
Birthday: November 20
Occupation: UNI VERSITY Student
Location: Resides in Ontario, Canada
Fandom: JE, 2PM and maybe a little of the kpop scene.
Favourite JE Boys: Masuda Takahisa (NEWS, Tegomass), Nishikido Ryo (NEWS & K8), Miyake Ken (V6, Coming Century), Tsukada Ryoichi (ABC-Z, Butoukan)
Other Boys I Like (not in JE): Jang Wooyoung (2PM), Nichkhun Horvejkul (2PM), Hwang Chansung (2PM)

So basically I drifted into the kpop scene. Yes, I know, 'oh the horror'. I get it all the time. I've also hit up WongFu Productions again. A cousin introduced me and now I can't get enough. Their shorts are really interesting and I'm in love with the film work.

I've also added a bunch of English series onto my plate, most of which is not new, like Leverage, House, Doctor Who. But I've recently watched all the seasons of Castle as well as the first season of Burn Notice. In the near future, I see my HD being filled with English. And that's freaking scary.

I'm also still subbing. However, because BNS has shut down I don't have a permanent gig anymore. I'm currently partnering with fluidcomplexity on a couple projects just between the 2 of us, but if anyone knows of a subbing group that subs in my fandoms that needs a QCer with basic knowledge of Japanese, please let me know.

I've left LJ for a while now (a couple months) I used to be a hard user where I'd refresh my friends page every couple minutes and I'd post DL links for whatever was recent. It had me stuck to the computer for most of my spare time. Coming back, I really don't want that to happen again. So now I'm taking LJ in small doses. I won't be checking my friends list that often, but I promise to read your entries and comment when appropriate. Yes, I'll still stalk more than I'll post, and I'll even try to upload things that amuse me. I've really missed my fandom communities and I hate missing all the important news and releases. (I mean, I didn't even know that that NEWS album dropped already. D: Or that V6 is promoting their new single.) So I'm back, and hopefully, I won't be going anywhere soon.

So what can you expect on my journal now?

-Fandom goodness! I'd like to still keep up to date with releases and stuff. This includes 2PM, NEWS and V6.
-Uploads. Only of stuff that I really like or find amusing. xD
-Pics/Scans. Whatever is hot. And with 2PM, basically every picture of Channie. <3 Love that boy.
-Uni life! I'm still new at it so every thing is an adventure.

So why not start now?

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Tsubasa - Betray

What a year...

it has been.

With my transfer over to the dark side of kpop, BNS closing down, and graduating high school, I just never had the courage and time to keep updating.

This is not goodbye, but an official hiatus (even though I kind of fell off the face of the Earth with no warning). I'm heading to China, HK, and Japan next month and I thought I'd give a heads up.

I'll see you around.

Here, have a hot Wooyoungie gif.

Oh! And before I forget, fluidcomplexity and I started a new subbing group, kayandness . It's just the 2 of us and we really only have one project up, and it's slow going, but please support us!
2PM - STFU And Kiss Me


My list of fandoms has now increased...
-How I Met Your Mother
OMG BARNEY. I LOVE YOU. YOU ARE AWESOME. And I try to fit "legen-waitforit-dary" into daily converstations now. D:
Have I not mentioned this yet? Wow, it's been a while. PARKER, YOU CRAZY BITCH, I LOVE YOU. That 'Team' environment is really interesting, and the series is all together really amusing.
-2PM (A subject that is permanently glued to a seesaw; always going up and down. D:)
GAH. I really hate the 2PM fandom right now. D:
The 2PM boys say they still love Jay even after "what he has done".
The fans respond in outrage with; "traitors who throw away their leader" etc.
Jay says he still loves the 2PM boys after the "stab him in the back".
The fans respond with words of encouragement and stuff like, "a man that wraps betrayers in love." etc.
Now tell me how that is fair.
And... THIS. She brings up good points. :D
-KPOP (In general.)
I swore that I would never get pulled into the crazy fandom that is kpop. I broke my promise. Damn.

So back to jpop...
I'm probably anticipating this single more that I did for Koi no ABO. I think the song is more appealing to my tastes? I mean, don't get me wrong, the PV for Koi no ABO was hilarious, and the extras we great, but I really like Sakura Girl. The song is just really pretty, and damn catchy too.

-SNSD's new concept is... different? I really like the change though. :D And the song is great too. I think I like the Korean version of Run Devil Run better than Ke$ha's actually... I think a lot of idol groups are making this new dark/sexy looks work. I mean, KARA with Lupin? OMG I love those girls. And T-ara with I'm Really Hurt and I Go Crazy Because of You. Even f.cuz, the newbies in the business are stepping it up with No One.
-MARCH BREAK/SPRING BREAK! Sad how it's almost over already. D:

And Things To Do...
Chem Project
Bio Project
English Project
English Assignment
Math Quiz
Music Recording
Damn, that's a lot of stuff. D:
Finish K8 CON Disc 1 QC for BNS.
Start Smile Maker with fluidcomplexity.
-Watch and DL the rest of season 5 of HIMYM.
Black Cat
Are You Alice?
Cowboy Bebop

No cut right now, but if it bothers anyone that I will. :D