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My list of fandoms has now increased...
-How I Met Your Mother
OMG BARNEY. I LOVE YOU. YOU ARE AWESOME. And I try to fit "legen-waitforit-dary" into daily converstations now. D:
Have I not mentioned this yet? Wow, it's been a while. PARKER, YOU CRAZY BITCH, I LOVE YOU. That 'Team' environment is really interesting, and the series is all together really amusing.
-2PM (A subject that is permanently glued to a seesaw; always going up and down. D:)
GAH. I really hate the 2PM fandom right now. D:
The 2PM boys say they still love Jay even after "what he has done".
The fans respond in outrage with; "traitors who throw away their leader" etc.
Jay says he still loves the 2PM boys after the "stab him in the back".
The fans respond with words of encouragement and stuff like, "a man that wraps betrayers in love." etc.
Now tell me how that is fair.
And... THIS. She brings up good points. :D
-KPOP (In general.)
I swore that I would never get pulled into the crazy fandom that is kpop. I broke my promise. Damn.

So back to jpop...
I'm probably anticipating this single more that I did for Koi no ABO. I think the song is more appealing to my tastes? I mean, don't get me wrong, the PV for Koi no ABO was hilarious, and the extras we great, but I really like Sakura Girl. The song is just really pretty, and damn catchy too.

-SNSD's new concept is... different? I really like the change though. :D And the song is great too. I think I like the Korean version of Run Devil Run better than Ke$ha's actually... I think a lot of idol groups are making this new dark/sexy looks work. I mean, KARA with Lupin? OMG I love those girls. And T-ara with I'm Really Hurt and I Go Crazy Because of You. Even f.cuz, the newbies in the business are stepping it up with No One.
-MARCH BREAK/SPRING BREAK! Sad how it's almost over already. D:

And Things To Do...
Chem Project
Bio Project
English Project
English Assignment
Math Quiz
Music Recording
Damn, that's a lot of stuff. D:
Finish K8 CON Disc 1 QC for BNS.
Start Smile Maker with fluidcomplexity.
-Watch and DL the rest of season 5 of HIMYM.
Black Cat
Are You Alice?
Cowboy Bebop

No cut right now, but if it bothers anyone that I will. :D
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In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer; and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it! Post this on your LJ if you know someone who has or had cancer. 93% won't copy and paste this. Will you?
Tsubasa - Betray


So even though I promised fluidcomplexity that I'd do a mega post to catch up, I'm going to post right now to thank some of my bestest best friends. <33

Things that happened that made me happy:
-My physics mark went up 6%
-I got my math assignments back, 100% BABY!
-My dearest friends tied an ORANGE balloon to my chair in every single one of my classes. YOU GUYS ARE THE BESTEST.
-Bea got me a nice red fedora and some orange earbuds! <33
-William and Phyllis got me a SIGNED CD FROM HAZO. I LOVE YOU GUYS!
-Tomorrow, there's a big party planned with all my friends to celebrate, like, 4 birthdays. xD November is the birthday month.
-And I got the customary red pockets from my family. :D
-OHH! And I almost forgot. I went and visited Western Uni today and saw my cousin while scouting out my potentially new home for the next 4 years? (It's either there or Guelph. :D)

(I'm going to go bug my mom for a Paypal account now. xD)

Tsubasa - Betray


I haven't been on much, but life has been moving at the same fast pace. I hope everyone is still doing well? I'm still here, lurking, hiding, still reading everyone's entries, but I apologize for not commenting or posting. No hiatus planned yet, but maybe soon?
Tsubasa - Betray


This is mainly for Nessa and the rest of her singing group. <3 Great job on Dobbin's by the way. :D

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Wrong tempo, key, whatever. :P I sang it when I could actually talk. xD