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I miss LJ
Tsubasa - Betray
Really I do, I used to be so addicted to this site, sigh.
Now it's Tumblr everyday all day but I really do miss Livejournal...
Maybe I'll pick this back up during the break or something. :)

Here's a little treat.
Uploaded something to the NEWS community (ohmygod it's been so long).

121205 - FNS - Let's Go

Password: let us go


Also uploaded a V6 performance as a mirror (i'm on a roll)!

121128 - Best Artist - WA ni Natte Odorou + ROCK YOUR SOUL

Password: BA2012WNNORYS
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Well howdy! Here's a username I haven't seen in such a long time - I wonder if you even remember me (or my previous handle at least). :)

I also miss the days everyone was addicted to LJ and NEWS had six members, but Tumblr is pretty great, too, ngl. What's your Tumblr handle? I'm carnivalsunshine there. :)

Hello!! I actually do find your current URL very familiar. :)

My Tumblr URL is seekayrun! (but it's currently a side blog so I won't be able to follow back, but you can check me out there if you'd like!)

I'm going to try to keep an eye on LJ for a while so I don't lose track of it again. xD


Following! And yes it's me! Late comments and all. How have you been? :)

I'm good! Just on my winter break so I get a few weeks to relax. :) And yourself?

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