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from an entirely too long hiatus.

Sorry for disappearing on you guys again. D: This past week has been a bit crazy since I'm now a freshman at uni~! Whoot! Living on campus and all the regular uni stuff. xD I haven't been around much lately, but I really want to get back onto LJ, so I thought a new introduction would be a nice start.

(So I just stole this off my profile. xD Most of this hasn't changed. :P)

Name: Kirsten Chung aka, KayChung, Kay
Birthday: November 20
Occupation: UNI VERSITY Student
Location: Resides in Ontario, Canada
Fandom: JE, 2PM and maybe a little of the kpop scene.
Favourite JE Boys: Masuda Takahisa (NEWS, Tegomass), Nishikido Ryo (NEWS & K8), Miyake Ken (V6, Coming Century), Tsukada Ryoichi (ABC-Z, Butoukan)
Other Boys I Like (not in JE): Jang Wooyoung (2PM), Nichkhun Horvejkul (2PM), Hwang Chansung (2PM)

So basically I drifted into the kpop scene. Yes, I know, 'oh the horror'. I get it all the time. I've also hit up WongFu Productions again. A cousin introduced me and now I can't get enough. Their shorts are really interesting and I'm in love with the film work.

I've also added a bunch of English series onto my plate, most of which is not new, like Leverage, House, Doctor Who. But I've recently watched all the seasons of Castle as well as the first season of Burn Notice. In the near future, I see my HD being filled with English. And that's freaking scary.

I'm also still subbing. However, because BNS has shut down I don't have a permanent gig anymore. I'm currently partnering with fluidcomplexity on a couple projects just between the 2 of us, but if anyone knows of a subbing group that subs in my fandoms that needs a QCer with basic knowledge of Japanese, please let me know.

I've left LJ for a while now (a couple months) I used to be a hard user where I'd refresh my friends page every couple minutes and I'd post DL links for whatever was recent. It had me stuck to the computer for most of my spare time. Coming back, I really don't want that to happen again. So now I'm taking LJ in small doses. I won't be checking my friends list that often, but I promise to read your entries and comment when appropriate. Yes, I'll still stalk more than I'll post, and I'll even try to upload things that amuse me. I've really missed my fandom communities and I hate missing all the important news and releases. (I mean, I didn't even know that that NEWS album dropped already. D: Or that V6 is promoting their new single.) So I'm back, and hopefully, I won't be going anywhere soon.

So what can you expect on my journal now?

-Fandom goodness! I'd like to still keep up to date with releases and stuff. This includes 2PM, NEWS and V6.
-Uploads. Only of stuff that I really like or find amusing. xD
-Pics/Scans. Whatever is hot. And with 2PM, basically every picture of Channie. <3 Love that boy.
-Uni life! I'm still new at it so every thing is an adventure.

So why not start now?

So I'm totally excited for the 20th. (And the 21st) So many new seasons of my favourite shows! House, How I Met Your Mother, and Castle are all starting new seasons on the 20th, while Glee is starting up again on the 21st. But unfortunately I have to live through a chemistry quiz that's worth like 5%, a bio quiz and a physics lab all before then. Have I told you how I really hate the course load in uni. In high school I can usually fib my way out of an assignment, "oh, I left it at home can I hand it in tomorrow?" or "I'll get it to you by the end of the day, my printer broke down." Uni is harder. Profs really don't care if you pass or not, and if you say you left it at home, it doesn't matter because you live on campus and it's only a 15 min walk away. And you can't finish a 3 page essay in 15 min. Especially when you still have to walk to res and back to class. ANYWAYS, no more depressing stuff.

I've drifted off to the W2D forums from OD, like most Hottests/Walkers. No comment. Both communities are nice. That's all I'm saying since this entry is totally public.

And on a side note, my phone's battery just totally died on me. It's ok! If Rogers isn't complicated, I'm getting a new phone in February! I'll take lots of pics. ;D

Oooo! And I totally recommend this:


Both kinda old, so if you watch WongFu it's probably stuff you've seen before. I just really like these two for some reasons. Maybe it's Ted with a lighter, or maybe it's the interesting perspective of a telephone.

Hm... What else have I been doing? Oh! I'll take pics of my dorm soon to post. :D It's not that bad, I live with 2 other girls that were from my high school. The room is nice enough even if it's always FREEZING. D:

Oh and just because he's really hot, here's a pic:


And that's all for now. :D Hopefully, I'll get another post up soon!
Tags: 2pm, personal, university


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